Your hosts on top of Mt TaranakiYour Hosts

Your hosts at Almond House are Laura and Nige.

“G’day! Nige and Laura would like to offer you a warm welcome to Almond House – our small and friendly backpackers located close to the centre of Nelson.

Nige is a Kiwi, born in Gisborne and brought up in Nelson.  Nige is an avid outdoorsman and endurance sport athlete and spent a majority of his 20's training and competing in a variety of sports including, running, cycling, triathlon, multi-sport and generally anything longer than a few minutes.  During this time it led him to travel to a few world events and begin to explore many countries during this time training, racing and traveling as a backpacker.  He takes a more conservative approach now and trains more for recreation with the occasional event thrown in to satisfy that competitive gene, while spending more time simply enjoying the outdoors with family and friends, both in Nelson and exploring his home New Zealand more.  

Niges main daytime role is training and coaching people to get fit for events, or to keep fit for life.  You'll often find one of us rising early to take daily 6am outdoor group boot camp sessions around our region.  Staying guests are welcome to attend any boot camp session for a special guest rate.   For more details checkout our boot camp website,  or come along.

Laura is an Italian, born in Tuscany where she lived until 2002, then moved to Cambridge (UK) to work and study and finally to New Zealand in 2007. She has always been a keen traveller with a backpack on her shoulders and just recently slowed down when kids came along in her life. Laura has always been involved in the tourism industry while in Italy and then moved to the Fitness Industry since in New Zealand. Laura likes the outdoors to enjoy as a family and with friends doing recreational and professional fitness(???).

Being Italian, Laura likes cooking and talking a lot! So when the opportunity of buying Almond House in 2016 came along, she didn't think twice seeing the change of meeting really fantastic travellers and sharing travelling stories and experiences.  Nige is more than happy to offer any advice and local information he has gathered through many years adventuring in this fabulous region.  After a busy summer season, there is the confirmation of having made the right choice for both of us. 

We have the chance to meet and greet people, and to gather the best of what everyone has to pass on. Now our commitment is to enjoy this new career and make the best choices and changes to ensure you will not forget your stay at Almond House and hopefully you will keep coming back. 

Lonely Planet describes Nelson as “one of NZ’s most liveable cities” – We couldn’t agree more. The climate is great, the town centre is vibrant and there’s just so much to do here – whether you feel like chilling out, shopping, being adventurous, getting creative or exploring the beautiful National Parks – there’s something for everyone in Nelson!

Laura and Nige hope you enjoy your time in Nelson – "come and stay with us at Almond House Backpackers!"